Learn the essential to know about the online casino Riviera

There are many bonuses that bettors will get by joining La Riviera, and it starts as soon as they register on the casino. Indeed, by entering the code PALACE WELCOME when making a deposit, players will receive 200% bonus up to €1,000. This code can be used twice. Big bettors also receive a code: ULTIMATE WIN, which allows them to earn 200% bonus up to height of €2.000 with a deposit of €750 at least. These codes require the player to wager 30 times on slots games and board games, or to wager 120 times on Video Poker or Blackjack. In fact, this condition is implemented to prevent people to withdraw the bonus before you play the games. Another code bonus offered by La Riviera is WIN SLOTS, and this code gives players 300% bonus on their deposits of slot machines, and up to €3000. To get this bonus, bet 25 times. The codes WIN VP and WIN BJ equivalent to 100% bonus and can provide up to €500 each. They can be used twice and require 25 bets on slots and board games or 120 paris for WIN VP and 100 paris with code WIN BJ on Blackjack and Video Poker.

There is nothing better than when a player can win a no deposit bonus, and it is here that found online bonus codes can be useful. Code POKER75, for example, will add €75 on the account of a member without having it to the lower deposit. However, this code requires you to play 40 time slots, Keno, to European Slot Poker, bingo Bonus slots and scratch cards. Other codes such as RTGBONUS20, LCB35 and NDB5R, give players €20, €35 and €5, respectively. These codes require 35 paris that they will undertake on slots games on the part of the players. Outside these bonuses, La Riviera members can earn bonuses on machines slot and table games, and these bonuses are updated by the casino at every week. Special bonuses can also be earned by members of the VIP Club.

What is a slot machine 3D?

Slots most popular 3D in the industry and that you will see on the La Riviera online casino are produced by Bet soft Gaming, one of the leaders in the field of graphic design and animation. Because of this, players can enjoy some of the best online slots games whenever they play. In addition to providing 3D graphics finest can be found in the industry, these machines slots also offer a host of other features designed to help players to better enjoy their gaming experiences. Usually, a player can use any bonus that has been provided to play these slot machines. These games feature exciting characters and fun stories that unfold as the game goes on. There are different themes of slot machines 3D, one that is based on a famous films such as the Godfather, another projecting 2 million players A – J, and another which is designed in the style of the hit “Lost” TV series

Bonus games and Jackpots available on the La Riviera casino

Slot machines jackpots 3D players vary depending on the exact game that they play and the amount of money they spend, even if it’s with an online casino bonus. For example, a player who bet the maximum on all payment lines has a better chance to win large sums of money compared to a player who bet only a small amount on a few lines of payment. The multitude of mini-games that accompany these 3D games make every part of the game more exciting and enhances the pleasure of playing. In addition, each offer of slots 3D features of exciting animations that help the player to better understand, what is happening as and evolves in the game. In addition, if a player leaves the game and come back later, it will resume the story exactly where it was.