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Later pictures that have been saved of the company W. Hasekamp & Co

This page shows all - as far as known to me - of the few color pictures, made within the company, that were saved from forgetfulness. They were made during the 1960's.
Should you possess any more photos, related to the company W. Hasekamp & Co, I would appreciate it extremely if you could send me (digital or paper) copies of them.
This page also shows some photos that were made in the first years of the 21st Century at the locations where the company was based in the old days.

A few photos from the 1960's

Distillation kettle Detail of a distillation kettle

Only few color pictures have been saved, made within the company firma W.Hasekamp & Co. These pictures were, according to my estimation, made between 1960 and 1965.
Oon the first two pictures you can see the firing of a distillation kettle with coal and a detail of adistillation kettle. You can also see this equipment on the old pictures, on the page about the history of the company.

Printing press in the printing department Quality control

As mentioned already on the page about the history of the company, there also was a small printing department for common printing jobs, like making the labels for the bottles. You can see a printing press on the left hand side picture.
The right hand side picture shows one of the workers (most of them stayed for many decades) who is doing a quality control test.


Finally, here is a picture of the shipping department, where the filled bottles are put into crates, and made ready for shipping.

How the locations where the company was based look today (in the 21st century)

When I went to Schiedam between 2003 and 2008, to see how things were with the historical buildings of the company W. Hasekamp & Co, I was very unpleasantly surprised. Neither at the Willemskade, nor at the Havendijk was anything left of these historically interesting buildings!

The Willemskade now The Willemskade now (from the other side)

This is how the Willemskade looks now (from both sides of the street). No effort at all has been made to save something of the old atmosphere Elsewhere in Schiedam old distilleries have been turned into offices or artist workplaces, but the facade has been preserved for historical reasons. On the Willemskade one has chosen for "progress" and taken all the buildings down, to make place for the apartment buildings you see on the pictures.

The Hasekamp houses Restaurant Het Haasje

Yet there is still something that reminds of the past: behind the Willemskade is a neighborhood called "De Gorzen". There, still many of the houses that were built for the employees can be seen. You see some of them on the left hand side picture.
And a restaurant owner (or maybe his or her parents) has called a small restaurant "Het Haasje". This was a well known trademark of the company W. Hasekamp & Co. But that seems to be all. However, when you speak to older people there (like I did), several of them remember the company. After all, in the old days almost everybody in that neighborhood worked there!

De Havendijk in Schiedam

With the Havendijk things are as bad as with the Willemskade. As I wrote on the page about the history of the company, the municipality of Schiedam had different plans with that area. The picture above shows how the Havendijk looks nowadays.

An unexpected tribute

In 2008 the municipality of Schiedam has named all the streets in a new living district, the former "slachthuisbuurt" - translated in English "slaughterhouse neighborhood" - after distillers from the old days when the Genever business ruled the town. This neighborhood is located in the far western part of Schiedam.

Willem Hasekampstraat

One of the streets there is called the Willem Hasekampstraat. In this way a tribute to many of the distillers from the golden days of Schiedam has been created after all. We should remember that they were the men that made Schiedam world famous. I am proud to be the grandson of one of these men!

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