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Vegetarian Festival in Phuket 2014

Every year in Phuket the Vegetarian Festival is being held. The pictures on this page are from the Festival in 2014. As an experiment a short video is added at the bottom of this page. If you like this experiment, please leave a remark on the reaction form, or on YouTube.

The Vegetarian Festival remains one of the top attractions of Phuket. Even although I get the impression that the organization of the Festival becomes more and more a commercially sponsored event, I can still highly recommend visiting Phuket Town during the Festival! See it for yourself!

Dragon 1 Dragon 2

In every procession during the Vegetarian Festival, some Chinese dragons are present. As written elsewhere on these pages, Phuket has been strongly influenced by Chinese traditions, and the Vegetarian Festival stems completely from these Chinese traditions. All the processions are organized, and start at, a Chinese shrine. The pictures above show a Chinese dragon.

Private shrine Medium 1

Along the route of the Processions, people erect small shrines before their house or office, where they offer food, in the hope that at least one of the "mediums" will stop there and give them a blessing (left hand side picture). The right hand side picture shows one of the "mediums", participating in the procession.

Female medium Medium 2

More and more female "mediums" are participating in the Vegetarian processions in recent years. The left hand side picture shows one of them. They mostly have less piercings in their body as the male "mediums", as can clearly be seen if you compare the left hand side picture with the right hand side one.

Female medium 2 Young medium

Here you can see another female "medium" and a still quite young male "medium". I get the impression that the young participants do not really believe that they are mediums, but they (probably) just want to impress their friends.

Below you can view - as an experiment for this site - a short video impression of one of the Vegetarian Processions in 2014.

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