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Vegetarian Festival in Phuket 2008

Every year in Phuket the Vegetarian Festival is being held in October (or sometimes in September, dependent on the Chinese calendar). The pictures on this page are from the Festival, in particular the procession, in 2008.

Vegetarian Procession 1 Vegetarian Procession 2

It looks as if the objects, pierced through the bodies of the participants in the processions (the participants call themselves "media") become larger every year. The person on the left hand side picture can not even hold his "piercing" by himself any more. Later on this page it becomes even worse!

Vegetarian Procession 3 Vegetarian Procession 4

Flower baskets (very likely donated by the owner of some flower business) and even a huge tv antenna were used in the processions of 2008!

Vegetarian Procession 5 Vegetarian Procession 6

On the left hand side picture some large daggers were pierced through the faces of the "mediums". On the right hand side picture you can see that not only men, but also women pierce their faces (bodies) for the processions during the Vegetarian Festival.

Vegetarian Procession 7 Vegetarian Procession 8

Of course, a Chinese Festival (as the Vegetarian Festival in Phuket is) is never complete without large amounts of fireworks, as can be seen on the left. The right hand side picture shows a "medium", drinking donated tea at a small shrine.

Vegetarian Procession 9 Vegetarian Procession 10

The left hand side picture shows another female "medium". The right hand side picture shows a large Chinese dragon, participating in the procession.

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