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Wat Arun
Wat Arun, The Temple of Dawn


Absolute Beginners Section

A guide for "Beginners" to Thailand
The first two pages give you an overview over some places you should visit anyway. The third page contains some practical tips for inexperienced visitors.
So these pages should give you a first impression.

Language tips for first time visitors
The Thai language is really very complex. Don't try to learn it. You won't succeed. For the Thais, however, the English language is very complex too. This page lets you understand why and how Thai people speak "Thenglish".

Thailand annoyances
Do they exist? I thought Thailand was paradise? Yes, sadly they do exist. Look at the page.

Public Transport in Thailand
Four pages that show you some of the many ways of public transport all over Thailand.

Eating out in Thailand
Look at the many ways and places where you can enjoy Thai food.

Some Menu Suggestions
To the pages about where to eat, pages with some suggestions what to eat have been added.

Thai fruit
This page shows some of the many fruits that are widely available in Thailand.

Shopping in Thailand
Other shopping opportunities. These pages show you the kind of shopping centers (and shops) you can expect in Thailand.

Thai handicraft
Every visitor should take some of it home. Take a look here if you want to see some good examples!



A Map of Bangkok and some "Landmarks"
These pages contain a map of Bangkok and some suggestions for walks.

Temples in Bangkok
Eight pages with pictures of Temples in Bangkok (and direct surroundings). Some of the best known Temples are shown, but also some Temples, that are almost unknown by tourists.

The Chao Phraya River
Take a look at the traffic on and the buildings along the Chao Phraya River in Bangkok.

Bangkok markets
There is a market everywhere and at every time in Bangkok. A selection of pictures and some further advice.

Some "hidden" attractions of Bangkok.
Go to the page to see what and where they are! Most of them are not in the tourist guides, so you will not find many tourists there.

Phuttha Monthon Park
This park has a beautiful large Buddha Image and some of the finest Buddhist Art. The nearby Human Imagery Museum is also shown on these two pages.

Parks in Bangkok
Bangkok has several fine parks. On these two pages you can take a look at Queen Sirikit Park, Lumpini Park and "Railway Park".


Central Thailand

The Floating Market
The State Railway trip to the floating market (and other attractions).

The State Railway Trip to the River Kwai
Make this trip yourself and see (parts of) the original Bridge on the River Kwai

An alternative to the State Railway trip to the River Kwai
Make this trip by car, taxi or tour and also see some different sights.

In Lopburi the Palace of King Narai was. The city is also famous for its monkeys. Both aspects are covered on these pages.

Sukhothai Historic Park
This is the place where the great Kingdom began and where the name Siam was first used.

After Sukhothai, Ayutthaya became the Capital of Old Siam.

Hua Hin
Hua Hin is a popular beach resort in the southern part of Central Thailand.


Northern Thailand

Chiang Mai
The "Rose of the North", the city of Chiang Mai.

A trip to Doi Inthanon National Park
All travel agents in Chiang Mai advertise with this trip. Look for yourself if it is worthwhile for you.

Doi Suthep
Also near Chiang Mai is Doi Suthep, a mountain with a very important (and equally impressive) Temple on it.


Northeastern Thailand

Khorat (Nakhon Rachasima)
This city in northeastern Thailand is a good starting point to explore this part of Thailand (Isan).

Prasat Hin Phimai
One of the most important Khmer remains in Thailand. Near Khorat (Nakhon Rachasima). If you can't go to Ankhor Wat in Cambodia, go to Prasat Hin Phimai!


Southern Thailand

An extensive impression of the Island of Phuket. It covers old Phuket Town, the beaches and some more sights. Four pages, completely re-written with new pictures in 2011.

The Vegetarian Festival in Phuket Town
In October (occasionally in September, dependent on the moon), during ten days, the Vegetarian Festival is celebrated in Phuket Town. Go there and see it! This section contains three pages, with pictures of three different years. The first page shows the Festival quite extensive, the other two pages show the procession in two other years.

James Bond Island
A tour to the island where "The Man with the Golden Gun" was (partly) filmed, with some extras on the way.


Special Thailand Pages:

Our Picture of the Month
It is being refreshed around the first day of every month.

The Music by HM King Bhumibol Adulyadej (1927-2016)
I made a page with examples of this great music, to honor the completion of HM The King's sixth Cycle (of twelve years) on 5 December 1999. But I intend to leave this page on the server for a long time.

More information about HM King Bhumibol Adulyadej (1927-2016)
My personal tribute to this highly respectable King.

The "real" Anna Leonowens
Some information about Anna, taken from her own memoirs.

My own written Thailand experiences
Read them on-line or download them as an e-book.

Gibbon Rehabilitation Project
Gibbon Rehabilitation Project

More gibbon pictures


More Information about Thailand

Books about Thailand
In association with Amazon.com and Amazon.co.uk we offer the possibility to order books about Thailand from this site.


Archive with news about Thailand

Selection of news items about Thailand. Some headlines, but also the easily overlooked items. News items of interest for tourists.



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