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Temples in (and around) Bangkok (Part 8)

Bangkok has hundreds of Temples ("Wats"). Once I thought it would be possible to photograph them all (over the years). I know better now. On these pages you find some of the most famous and beautiful Temples of Bangkok and direct surroundings.

Although I advise to browse through these pages in order, you can directly jump to any of the Temples shown on these pages by using the Temples Menu on the left.

Wat Pathum Wanaram

Tree at Wat Pathum Wanaram Statue of King Rama IV at Wat Pathum Wanaram

As usual, the name of this Temple can be spelled in different ways, when transliterated into English, but you should be able to recognize the name from the name I use here.
Wat Pathum Wanaram is not a Temple that is well-known by tourists. It is hidden behind a large and high wall (with lotus flowers in stone on it). It is located on Rama I Road, between Central World and Siam Square.
The Temple deserves your attention. The outside of the main building (I have always dificulty to distinguish between the Wiharn and the Bot) can hardly be photographed, because you can't take enough distance. Behind the building you will find this large tree (left hand side picture) and the statue of King Rama IV (right hand side picture) or King Mongkut from "The King and I". The statue depicts him when he was a Monk. Please note that he was not a Monk in this Temple, but at Wat Bowonniwet, shown lower on this page.

Buddha at Wat Pathum Wanaram Mural at Wat Pathum Wanaram

Inside the main building you find the fine Buddha on the left hand side picture above and some very fine old murals. They are - in my opinion - among the finest in Bangkok.

Buddha Footprint Wat Pathum Wanaram Buddha outside Wat Pathum Wanaram

You will also see a Buddha Footprint (left hand side picture above; don't overlook it, it is inside). In the quite large garden you will see another Buddha image. See the right hand side picture above.

You will walk between Central World and Siam Square anyway, when you are in Bangkok. Please take the trouble to interrupt your shopping and visit this fine Wat while you pass it. (Mark the wall, decorated with lotus flowers)

Wat Bowonniwet Wiharn

Buddha at Wat Boworniwet Mural at Wat Boworniwet

The name of this Temple also is a problem, when transliterating it into English. That is the way it is with the Thai language.
Wat Bowonniwet Wiharn is not only the Temple where King Rama IV was a Monk, but also the Temple where His Holyness the Buddhist Patriach of Thailand lives. It is in Banglamphu (Banglampoo), on Phra Sumen Road.
The Wat has a beautiful Buddha image and, like in Wat Pathum Wanaram, shown above, some very fine murals.

Garden of Wat Boworniwet Turtles at wat Boworniwet

Wat Bowonniwet Wiharn has large Temple grounds, as can be seen on the left hand side picture above, and these Temple grounds offer an ideal opportunity to find some rest in crowded Bangkok.
Like in several other Temple grounds, you find turtles in the water (right hand side picture). They are kept and fed with great care, by the Monks, as well as by the general public.


If you are interested in Buddhism, you should also visit the Buddhist book shop, across the street, near the main entrance of the Wat. They have many books about Buddhism in the English language there. It is probably the largest collection in the English language Bhuddist books in any shop in Bangkok.



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