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Temples in (and around) Bangkok (Part 5)

Bangkok has hundreds of Temples ("Wats"). Once I thought it would be possible to photograph them all (over the years). I know better now. On these pages you find some of the most famous and beautiful Temples of Bangkok and direct surroundings.

Although I advise to browse through these pages in order, you can directly jump to any of the Temples shown on these pages by using the Temples Menu on the left.

Wat Pailom

Buddha at Wat Pailom 

Wat Pailom is a "Forest Temple", not to be confused with a small Temple with the same name on Koh Kred (a small island near Bangkok Noi, where you find lots of nice pottery shops).
This is a Buddha image of this Forest Temple.

I regret to say that much of the forest at Wat Pailom has disappeared between my first and second visit to this fine place. Still, the unique number of Asian Bill Storks makes a visit to this place more than worthwhile!

Boat landing Storks at Wat Pailom

The Temple you want to see is Wat Pailom in Pathum Thani. Pathum Thani is located a bit North of Bangkok. I could give detailed ways to get there, but I believe that a taxi is the best way to get there. Just make clear to the driver that you want to go to Wat Pailom in Pathum Thani. Although our driver had some trouble in finding it, he eventually did find the Temple.
From the road you will already be able to see some of the storks in the air (right hand side picture). You could also get to Wat Pailom by boat (left hand side picture), but that route is quite difficult to find.

Bridge to storks Tree with storks
The trees with the storks are no longer near the viewing tower, near the boat landing, but they are at the end of this bridge (left hand side picture). When you come to the end of this bridge, you will see a breathtaking view: hundreds of storks in the trees.
Close-up of storks (1) Close-up of storks (2)
You probably will not get enough of watching these beautiful birds that are - by the way - typical for Asia.
Standing there, you will hardly be able to believe or imagine imagine that the Thai government had serious plans to have all these birds shot by the army, in the time of the birdflu-crisis.
More storks Close-up of storks (3)
Do yourself the pleasure to give a good last look at the birds before you go. You may not be able to see such a magnificent sight elsewhere in the World! This huge concentration of Asian Bill Storks is probably only on view here, at Wat Pailom, in Surat Thani, Thailand.

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Wat Chedi Hoy

Chedi at Wat Chedi HoyDetail of Chedi at Wat Chedi Hoy

When you have taken the trouble to go to Wat Pailom, do not go back before having seen Wat Chedi Hoy! It is relatively close by and your taxi driver will know it. Wat Chedi Hoy has a Chedi, made out of oyster shells. The right hand side picture above shows a detail in close-up. This Chedi is really very impressive, as will be clear from these pictures. The Temple itself is of no importance. I even wonder if it is a proper Temple (although it has a Buddha Image and some Monks are living there).

Chedi near Wat Chedi Hoy

If you are coming form the side I expect, at the street entrance before Wat Chedi Hoy is a second Chedi made out of oyster shells. Don't think you have seen everything after you have seen that one, because the one at the end of the street (shown on the two former pictures) is more impressive. And next to the Temple there also is a small museum with some archeological treasures, found in the area. So, see both the Chedi at the beginning of the street and the Chedi at Wat Chedi Hoy!

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