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Sukhothai (Part 2)
(Part 1)

This is the second page about the Historic Park in Sukhothai. The first page shows various views and aspects of Wat Mahathat. On this page some different Temples and sights of the Historic Park of Sukhothai will be explored.

Wat Sa Si from its bridge Wat Sa Si

A very fine Wat to visit outside Wat Mahathat is Wat Sa Si. You can best approach it over a small bridge. It has an interesting stupa and some fine Buddha Images.

Walking Buddha Detail of walking Buddha

The finest Buddha Image a Wat Sa Si is doubtless this "walking Buddha". I find it the most interesting Buddha Image I saw in the whole of Sukhothai.
As I mentioned in the first Sukhothai page, images of the Buddha in walking position are typical for the Sukhothai era. The one on the picture above is a very fine example. I enlarged the feet to reveal the walking position better.

Wat Si Chum

A not so impressive Wat, but one with an extremely impressive Buddha Image is Wat Si Chum. It probably is the most photographed Wat in Sukhothai. It is quite far from the entrance of the Historic Park, and you probably can't walk to it, but it really is a must, as hopefully is clear from this picture.

Buddha in Wat Si Chum

If the beauty and impressiveness of the Buddha in Wat Si Chum was not yet revealed clear enough from the former picture, it surely should be clear from this picture. This Buddha is about 15 meters high. I was standing just inside the Wat when I took the picture. You need a wide-angle (almost fish-eye) lens to capture the whole Buddha.

Smaller Wats and stupa's are numerous in Sukhothai. One of those is pictured above. I find it interesting because of the plastered walking Buddha in front of it.

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