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gives an introduction to the "webrings", run by Hasekamp Net. Webrings, as you may know, are rings of websites, i.e. a system of links between web sites of a similar topic, content, or interest.

Our Webring system makes use of the Ringlink Program.

In the past a good system of "webrings" was run by www.webring.org. Since this system was taken over by Yahoo!, it somehow does not function any more as it should (and as it did).
To give some examples:
- We were deleted from existing rings by the robots of Yahoo!, without further notice, and were unable to become a member again, because the rings could not be found on the servers of Yahoo!, although we could see from other (member) sites that they still existed!
- By using the link on Yahoo! to contact the webmaster of the ring, we received our mail back, because the email addresses apparently did not exist.
- We applied for membership for rings and never received any further message.

We became tired of all these problems and decided to set up a (modest) system of webrings on our own site. The system is being operated entirely from this site.

This means that we do not display advertisements, we do not place "cookies" on your computer, we do not gather any information about you. We do have access to the data you entered when you became a member of one of our rings (if you did so), but we will only use these data as far as necessary to keep the system running!
For further details about your privacy on Hasekamp Net, please consult the

Privacy Statement for this Site.

For details about how to sign up for one of our rings, please visit the home page for that ring. Links can be found lower on this page.

If you have questions specifically related to the tools at , feel free to contact the .

The Core Links

Add new site
You can add a new site to one of our rings from here, or you can do so from the homepage of the ring itself.

Site admin
You can edit your site info and get their customized HTML code for one of our rings here, or you can do so from the home page for that ring

Rings hosted at

These are rings that are hosted by this site (some may have very few members still) with links to their homepages:
Hasekamp Net Thailand Ring - ring ID: thailand
Hasekamp Net Genealogy Ring - ring ID: genealogy
Hasekamp Net Primates Ring - ring ID: primates

Links to other ring hosts using the Ringlink Program

Ringlink Host's Webring
Ringlink Systems Directory
Ringlink Systems Web

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