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Phuttha Monthon Park (Part 1)

Phuttha Monthon Park is a Buddhist Religious Park. It gives you a quiet place to reflect, it contains a beautiful large Buddha Image and four interesting monuments about the life of the Buddha.
It also contains some of the finest Buddhist Art I have ever seen in Thailand. Join me in a tour around this Park

Buddha Image in Phuttha Monthon

Phuttha Monthon Park was opened to commemorate 2500 years of Buddhism. It was started in the Buddhist year 2500 (1957) and completed in the Buddhist year 2521 (1978). So the construction of the Park and of the buildings took 21 years! When I show you the "Wiharn" you will probably understand why. The Park was opened by HM King Bhumibol Adulyadej.
It is located West of Bangkok, more or less on the road to Nakhon Pathom. Your taxi driver will know to find it! It is not too far to go by taxi. Don't feel lost when you do not see a taxi or bus when you want to go back. Walk to the entrance or to one of the sides of the Park, and taxis as well as shuttle buses from some Department Stores in Bangkok will be happy to take you back. Otherwise take a regular bus. They will pass.
The picture above this text shows the Buddha Image, that forms the center or -if you wish- the heart of the Park. The Buddha Image is made out of bronze, and is approximately 16 meters high.


The Four Monuments, symbolizing the main events in the Life of the Buddha

Birth of the Buddha Enlightenment of the Buddha

The Park contains - among other things - four monuments, symbolizing the four main events in the life of the Buddha: 1) The left hand side picture above symbolizes the Birth of the Buddha. It is symbolized by seven stones. Buddhists believe that the Buddha, immediately after his birth, walked seven steps on Lotus flowers. This is often pictured in Buddhist Art. Hence the seven stones, symbolizing the seven Lotus flowers.
2) The right hand side picture above symbolizes the Enlightenment of the Buddha. The enlightenment took place while the Buddha was meditating under a "Bodi Tree". This is beautifully symbolized here.

Teaching of the Buddha The Buddha entering Nirvana

3) On the left hand picture above this text is the monument is pictured that symbolizes the Teaching of the Buddha. The five "seats" before the seat of the Buddha symbolize the five first scholars (disciples) of the Buddha.
4) The right hand picture above this text symbolizes the Entering into Nirvana of the Buddha.

The Wiharn

Wiharn View of the park

For me the ultimate sight in Phuttha Monthon Park is the Wiharn. This is a hall, where all the important Buddhist texts are kept, carved with golden characters into marble stones. In total there are 1418 stones.
The Wiharn, where they are kept, is located in a such place, that that from the entrance of the building the large Buddha, in the heart of the Park, can be seen.
The left hand side picture above this text shown the Wiharn as you, visitor, will see it when you enter it.
The right hand side picture shows a view of the park, because the whole of the park is worthwhile to take a long walk in. For that reason I show it here, next to the Wiharn.

Scriptures in Wiharn Stones with Scriptures

The two pictures above show part of the very large interior of the Wiharn of Phuttha Monthon Park. What you see on these pictures are just a few percent of the large interior. The Wiharn contains 1418 stones with Holy Scriptures.

On the upper part of the walls of the Wiharn hundreds, if not thousands, of Buddhist Religious paintings have been made. A few of them can be seen on the next page. What you will see there is some of the finest Buddhist Art you can see anywhere in Thailand.

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