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Phuket (Part 4)
(Part 1)

The island of Phuket is the richest province of Thailand. Tourism is the main source of income. Although most tourists spend their holiday at the beaches, the capital of the province, Phuket Town or Phuket City, is more than worth a visit.

A tour around the island (continuing and ending)

The Heroines of Phuket The Heroines in detail

Wherever you come or go on Phuket, you will always pass the statue of the Heroines of Phuket sooner or later. Probably sooner, because you will already pass it on your trip from the airport to your hotel. Any driver will make a "wai" when passing this statue.
According to the story, when Phuket was once attacked in the past, these two ladies got the idea to dress up a large number of women as an army, and the attackers were frightened off by this trick when they saw a much larger army than they expected.
This statue is one of the main attractions of the island, although few tourists take the trouble to get out of their car there.

Golden Buddha at Wat Phra Thong

Many tuk-tuk drivers will want to take you to Wat Phra Thong on Phuket. The attraction there is the Golden Buddha, partly in the ground. The story wants a small boy to have found this Buddha, when he was fastening his animal at something pointing out of the ground, which was the tip of the head of this Buddha. The Buddha was dug out (partly) and appeared to be made of gold.
The Buddha is covered with a layer of cement, so nobody can check if it is indeed made of gold. Be that as it is, you must have seen it. Next to this small Temple is a small museum, with some things that have been dug up in this neighborhood.

Rubber plantation Rubber tree

All over Phuket, especilly in the Nortnern part, where we are now, you can see rubber plantations. The pictures above show a group of rubber trees and a detail of how the latex is being won from the tree. This is no thing set up for tourists, but it still is a real industry.


Jungle in Phuket (1) Jungle in Phuket (2)

In Thalang district (in Northern Phuket) there is a natural park, with a small piece of real jungle in it. It is not so far from Thalang Museum. Do not underestimate a walk in this small but real and natural jungle! The humidity is 100% there and you will need to change your clothes afterwards. There are no dangerous animals in this small jungle, but you may meet a snake there.

Mai Khao Beach Flower on Mai Khao Beach

A thing that hardly is known by foreigners, is that near the airport you can also find beautiful beaches. The best-known one is Mai Khao Beach. Like most beaches on Phuket it is - as you can see - very quiet. I saw some nice flowers there (right hand side picture). If you got here, you will find many (very small) places to eat there on the beach, which is not common for Phuket.

View from Wat on Koh Sireh Buddha at Wat on Koh Sireh

Finally I want to show you the Temple on Koh Sireh, a small island east of Phuket Town. This too is not a very well-known, but worthwhile place to go. The Buddha there is a very large reclining Buddha.

I hope to have shown you on these page about Phuket that Phuket is more than Patong. Especially Phuket Town is very much worth your attention. In fact I always stay there when in Phuket, and I cannot get enough of this beautiful small town.
Furthermore I hope to have shown you some well-known, as well as some almost unknown sights on Phuket island.

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