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Phuket (Part 3)
(Part 1)

The island of Phuket is the richest province of Thailand. Tourism is the main source of income. Although most tourists spend their holiday at the beaches, the capital of the province, Phuket Town or Phuket City, is more than worth a visit.

A tour around the island (continued)

The Big Buddha Head of the Big Buddha

A sight you should certainly see, is the Big Buddha. It is located near the western coast of Phuket, on a high hill between Chalong and Kata. But you can't miss it anyway. From the place where the Big Buddha stands you can look over a large part of Phuket island. And, the other way around, you can see the Big Buddha from many places on Phuket island. The Big Buddha is open for the public since 2009. It is 47 meters high, and since it is finished it is one of the most revered places on Phuket island.

Kata and Karon Beach at Kata or Karon

It is now time to continue what I believe is the most beatiful view of Phuket, and certainly also one of the most beautiful views of Thailand. Any taxi driver will know it.
Here it is: On the left hand side picture above you see Kata and Karon from the view point above the two places. As you can see on the right hand side picture the beaches there (I can't remember which one it is) are very quiet and comfortable too, like the villages. They are good for a quiet beach holiday.

View of Patong Street in Patong

Many of you will have been told to go to Patong, and many of you will have done so, I suppose. Although the place looks nice from some distance (left hand side picture) I hate the way they have spoiled this town with all those signs (right hand side picture). But that is not the only thing I hate about Patong. The sellers in the streets are almost aggressive. They jump at you with their things, especially if you do not want to buy something from all of them. Patong is the place I hate most in Thailand. From these pages you can see enough alternatives for a quiet beach holiday, without aggressive sellers!

Wat Chalong

The last place we visit in the Southern part of Phuket is Wat Chalong. It consists of two buildings, of which the latest (picture) is now the most important one.

Inside Wat Chalong (1) Inside Wat Chalong (2)

Inside this new building (it was built in the early years of the 21st century) you can see richly decorated halls on several floors, with some fine Buddha Images. Also, on the top floor, you find a Buddha Relic (not photographed here).

Original Wat Chalong building The three Monks at Wat Chalong

The original building of Wat Chalong can be seen on the left hand side picture above. It is the building where three Monks with healing power, are revered. You see images of them on the right hand side picture. There also is a small building with waxen images of these Monks.

On the next page we will visit some places on the Northern Part of Phuket.

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