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Phuket (Part 1)

The island of Phuket is the richest province of Thailand. Tourism is the main source of income. Although most tourists spend their holiday at the beaches, the capital of the province, Phuket Town or Phuket City, is more than worth a visit.

Phuket Town (Phuket City)

Fountain in Phuket Town Old Sino-Portuguese House

On a central point in Phuket Town, you find the fountain (left hand side picture), which is near the day market and also near the stops of the buses that transport you to other places on the island.
But it also is near some fine historic Sino-Portuguese buildings, of which one can be seen on the right hand side picture.

Former Chinese School Chinese Shrine

When you walk from the fountain into Yawaraj Road, you go deeper into the historic Sino-Portuguese part of the town. In that direction you will find the old Chinese school, now a museum (left hand side picture). There are several Chinese Shrines in Phuket Town. I chose the one on the right hand side picture, which one is in the historic center.

Old street in Phuket Town Old Chinese House

Now it is time to walk through Dibuk Street and Thalang Road, to see some old Chinese buildings. You find also some fine examples in Yawaraj Road, Phang Nga Road and Krabi Road. They are all worthwhile. On the left hand side picture you see an example.
The right hand side picture shows an old Chinese House like there are many in these streets. Some of these old houses are restaurants now.

Soi Rommanee The main clock tower

There are two more places you should see in old (antique) Phuket. On the left hand side picture you see Soi Rommanee (this is the spelling official Phuket documents use). Formerly it was a small street with a bad name because of the prostitution there. Nowadays it has been renovated and has a few shops. I believe it could be made a bit more attractive still, but it has a infamous past and should be visited.
And there are several clock towers. The most famous one is in the center of old Phuket. It is on the right hand side picture above. It is near Thalang Road and near Ratsada Road. I don't believe you if you say you could not find it.

Most photographed house

And this must be the most photographed old house in Phuket. The owner had put signs at the street side, telling you that it is private property and forbidden to enter the grounds, in an impossible attempt to keep photographers out.
However, in 2014 the building has become a restaurant, so from that year on the premises are free to enter for everybody.

The new market Phuket bus

Now a bit about shopping in Phuket Town. The natives go to the open market, or to the new (2010) market building (left hand side picture above). They are close to each other.
In the street where the markets are, you find all the buses to other destination on the island (Patong, the aquarium, Rawai, Karon etc.). On the right hand side picture you see a typical Phuket intercity-bus. They are very, very old. Strangely they hardly ever have accidents. The first time I read about an accident was in 2011, but that really was a rarity.

Robinson Super Cheap

For your normal shopping you can go to Central Departement Store, Big C, Tesco Lotus (no pictures) or to the nowadays less visited places like Robinson and Ocean Shopping Mall (both on the left hand side picture) that are a bit cheaper now because of the competition of the first mentioned places, or you can go with local bus line 2 to the place, of which the name tells you what it is: Super Cheap (right hand side picture). This place has been completely rebuilt in 2013 (or was it 2014?) after a fire destroyed it completely. It now even is airconditioned!

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