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Parks in Bangkok (Part 2)

(Part 1)

Although Bangkok is a Metropole and may seem very crowded, it has some very nice parks where you can find rest. On these two pages I will show you three of these parks.

Lumpini Park (continued)

Lane in Lumpini Park Pond in Lumpini Park

As said, Lumpini Park is located right in the middle of Bangkok. But you hardly suspect this while walking there. The park has many benches to rest on and it has a large pond in the center, where small boats can be hired when there is enough public to "do business".

Bird in Lumpini Park Lizard in Lumpini Park

You can also do some bird-watching in Lumpini Park. I even strongly advise this. Also, as shown on the right hand side picture, large lizards are having a good life in Lumpini Park. They are completely harmless, so don't be afraid when you see one walking near you.

Playing games in Lumpini Park Sparrows in Lumpini Park

Lumpini Park is popular by people of all ages in Bangkok. The aged are playing their chess games there. Younger people do their workouts there and others like to feed the birds. You will find hundreds of sparrows there, and if you are a bit lucky you can even spot some rare birds there.

"Railway Park"

This park is called "Railway Park" (or something like "Suan Rotfai" in Thai) because the pensioners fund of the railway employees has (co-)founded it.

An overview of Railway Park Another view of Railway Park

Railway Park is close to Chatuchak, as is Queen Sirikit Park. So you might want to combine a visit to both parks. You could also visit Chatuchak Park nearby. I find Chatuchak park less attractive than Railway Park and Queen Sirikit Park, but take a look at all parks mentioned to decide that for yourself. They are close to each other. In fact you can walk from one park into the other.

Railway park is less "cultivated" than both Queen Sirikit Park and Lumpini Park. The advantage of that is that you will be able to see more birds and other animals there. If you only go to a park to see cultivated flowers and beautiful lanes, Railway Park should not be your first choice.

Little egret in Railway Park

As an example of the birds you may - or in fact "will" - see in Railway park, here is a picture of little white egret. I have seen one several times in this park, but also in Lumpini Park.


There are some more parks in Bangkok. In all of them you can do some bird-watching. In all of them you can walk in a quiet atmosphere and there are always plenty of seats to rest. The three parks shown on these two pages are in fact no more than examples, although they probably are the best ones to visit.



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