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I am Rene Hasekamp, webmaster of this site, and I live in the Netherlands.

My (former) work.

I was a Patent Examiner at the Dutch Patent Office until I retired early on 1 October 2003.
For those of you who never had to do with patents: In countries with a system of examination of patent applications, a patent application has to be examined before it will be granted. In the examination proceedings the examiner decides if the applications fulfills all the requirements of the Patent Act, of which the most important are: -novelty, -inventive step and -industrial applicability. It was my job to do this examination in the Netherlands.
My former office has built up its reputation under the name "Octrooiraad".

Apart from that, since 1991 I was a deputy judge at the District Court ("Arrondissementsrechtbank") in The Hague for patent cases.
In 2011 the District Court sent (almost) all the deputy judges a friendly letter in which they were asked to resign. Although I did not have much understanding for this friendly request, I complied with it and after 20 years of service my work as a deputy judge ended. It would have ended anyway within two years, because of my age.

Patent related websites.

There are some very good websites about patents.
- You can consult all the US Patents on-line through the site of US Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO).
- If you are interested in patents, you should visit the extensive website of the EPO (European Patent Office)
- The site of the World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO) also is very extensive.

Some of my hobbies.

Now that I am retired, I spend quite some time as the secretary and volunteer of the Stichting Wireless Leiden
Further hobbies include photography, video filming and searching for my family history. I also play the piano.


Unfortunately, after a sickness of several months, Rene has died in June 2017. As his brother, for a long time already I am impressed by his website. An enormous amount of work and as far as the Thailand part of the site is concerned, a highly original and useful travel guide. It would be a pity if all of this work would simply vanish upon the death of Rene. Therefore, I will continue this website, be it, in a somewhat simplified form, without touching the imaginative ideas of the site.

Andre Hasekamp.

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Vogelbescherming Nederland

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