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Markets in Bangkok (Part 5)
(Part 1)

These pages are about markets in Bangkok. I try to give you a -far from complete- impression. A complete survey would not be possible!

Bo Bae (Tower) Market

Bo Bae Tower Bo Bae market

Inside Bo Bae Tower you will find another market for clothing (wholesale also) that can compete with Pratunam market (see part 3 of these pages about markets in Bangkok) for being the largest clothing market in Bangkok. You find it in the Eastern part of Bangkok, near the end of Lan Luang. For exact directions, visit the website of Bo Bae Tower.
Although there is a market outside the tower too (see the right hand side picture above), by far the largest part of the collection is inside the tower.

Inside Bo Bae Tower (1) Inside Bo Bae Tower (2)

We believe that many street market sellers in Bangkok (and maybe even far outside Bangkok) do their wholesale shopping in Bo Bae Tower. Prices are reduced considerably when you buy larger quantities.
Also with private persons, however, this market is hugely popular. One of my sisters-in-law travels once a year from Phuket to Bo Bae Tower in Bangkok and return with a trunk filled with clothes for the whole family.

Inside Bo Bae Tower (3)

Boa Bae Tower is the place for all types of clothing, for men, women and children; casual and formal. You want a Thai silk shirt (for men) or a Thai silk dress (for ladies)? You want to buy socks with separate toes? You want to buy handkerchiefs? You just want to buy blue jeans? Or you want to buy underwear? You name it, they have it. It is Paradise for shopping addicts. And the more you buy, the more reduction you get. Bargaining is only limited possible at Bo Bae, however.
On the top floor you will find a food center.

Nonthaburi Market

Nonthaburi Pier Nonthaburi market (1)

A very large market, just outside Bangkok, is in Nonthaburi. Go there by Express Boat. Nonthaburi pier is last stop of the Express Boat. On the left hand side picture you see Nonthaburi pier, as you see it from the boat.
If it happens to be lunch time, walk to the right when you leave the pier, and walk to the floating restaurant, about 200 meters from the pier. It is a good but modest place to have a meal and you won't regret having gone there!
Walk back to the pier, turn your back to it, and at the right hand side of the road you will find the best part of Nonthaburi market. It is a general market, with food, clothing and more. This is one of the largest markets around Bangkok (with the exception of Chatuchak market). It turns to the right, after about one kilometer, with the street. The largest part is covered (see the right hand side picture above).

Nonthaburi market (2) Nonthaburi market overview

At some places the street has squares on the side, where the huge market continues (left hand side picture above).
The right hand side picture gives an overview, over the part of the market after you have turned right with the street. As you can just see, there also is a kind of department store at the right hand side of the picture, so if you are not yet tired of shopping at the market, you can continue to shop until you drop!
When we walked on Nonthaburi market, after we visited Bo Bae Tower (a few days before), we thought we recognized some of the clothing there. We believe that the sellers on Nonthaburi market (and other markets) buy their clothing in wholesale at Bo Bae.

Suan Lum Night Bazaar

Suan Lum> literally means Lumpini Park. So you would find Suan Lum Night Bazaar next to Lumpini Park.
This market was opened in 2001 and - sadly - closed in 2011, so this section has just "historical" value now!
Relocation is in constant planning, but was not yet realised in 2015.

Suan Lum Night Bazaar (1) Suan Lum Night Bazaar (2)

Suan Lum Night Bazaar is a very large market, that can compete in size to Chatuchak market. Only this one is open every day, but only in the evenings, say from 6 p.m. on. The market is a general market, maainly for clothing and souvenirs. I hope these pictures give you any idea about the size.

Suan Lum Night Bazaar (3) Suan Lum Night Bazaar (4)

As in any market,and certainly large markets meant for tourists mainly, there are plenty of food stalls. There also is a large area with restaurants. You will find an impressive puppet show above one of the restaurants (no picture).


This is all about markets in Bangkok at this time. Someday, however, there will be more pages about markets. They are one of my passions!

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