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Markets in Bangkok (Part 3)
(Part 1)

These pages are about markets in Bangkok. I try to give you a -far from complete- impression. A complete survey would not be possible!

Pratunam Market

Small street in Pratunam market area Street along Pratunam market area

Pratunam Market is the largest clothing market in Bangkok. If they don't have what you are looking for, it is not available in Bangkok! That is, you will not find fashion clothing there. Go to large shopping centers and department stores for that. For all the rest (particularly your summer clothing) go to Pratunam market for a one-stop clothing "update".
This virtual tour starts in the heart of Pratunam market (left hand side picture above). In the middle of this huge market you find some small streets, like the one pictured. Along these streets are shops with clothing only. For ladies and men, for detailed sales or wholesale. If you see something of your liking, buy it. You won't find it cheaper anywhere else in Bangkok.
The right hand side picture above shows you a street where Pratunam market ends. But also there, along the street, it is clothing, clothing and clothing. For instance here, a stall with good quality shirts.

Covered area of Pratunam market (1) Covered area of Pratunam market (2)

But Pratunam market is not only in and along the streets. The largest part is inside covered areas. Just walk inside these large covered areas to find more clothing. You did not find what you were looking for outside? Look inside! There they have it! Above are two pictures, more or less randomly taken in the huge covered areas of Pratunam market.
By the way, it may be interesting to know that the literal translation of Pratunam is Watergate! Who had ever thought that? The bad news -however- is that I do not know where this name comes from. Neither does my (Thai) wife. If you, visitor, know this, please mail us by clicking the link at the bottom!

Inside Bayoke tower PATA department store (!)

Pratunam market is not just inside the large hall-like covered areas, it is also for a large part within one of the Bayoke Towers. Walk inside and discover that the lower floors of this huge building, towering high over Bangkok, is a part of Pratunam clothing market (left hand side picture above).
Another unexpected experience, while walking through this market, is that you will see a (small) branch of PATA department store (right hand side picture above). The main branch is near Pinklao Bridge. PATA is not inside the Bayoke tower, but somewhere in the covered area of the market. You will probably see it while strolling through the market. They, by the way, do also have other things, apart from clothing.

Bangrak Market

Bangrak market

A market that cannot be missed on a series of pages about markets in Bangkok, is Bangrak market. It is mentioned in many guidebooks. It is mainly a food market, of the type that I called a "day market" elsewhere on these pages about markets in Bangkok. Here are some stalls at the edge of Bangrak market. You find it when you turn right after leaving the building of River City Shopping Center, on the street side.

Stamp Market

Stamp Market

If you are a stamp collector (and Thai stamps are really beautiful and worth collecting) buy the stamps that are still available at the normal price in the General Post Office. You can buy the ones you miss just outside the gate of the General Post Office (picture above). Bargain about the price. Some of these dealers are (far) too expensive. I don't know how they do it, but once I saw stamps there that were not yet available at the Post Office!
Be aware that stamps, issued on the occasion of the birthday of HM the King are very popular, and can be unreasonably expensive. Mostly they are sold out at the Post Office within one or two days. Ask a few dealers for their price for those. If you have a good stamp shop in your country, those stamps might be cheaper there!
In weekends the stamp market is mostly larger and also inside the gates of the Post Office grounds. Be careful about the prices there too. Some dealers there are very reasonable with their prices, others are not!

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