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Markets in Bangkok (Part 2)
(Part 1)

These pages are about markets in Bangkok. I try to give you a -far from complete- impression. A complete survey would not be possible!

Markets in Chinatown

Snacks at Chinatown Market Herbs at Chinatown market

The markets in Chinatown are concentrated around Yaowarat Road, which is the main street in Chinatown. In this street, as well as in the "soi's" on both sides of it you will find the sellers. The markets in Chinatown are not really specialized, but of course you will find many Chinese things there. On the right hand side picture above you see as an example a stall with (Chinese) herbs.

Soi in Chinatown Clothing in Chinatown market

The "soi's" around Yaowarat Road are sometimes very small, as you can see above, but to experience the atmosphere you should not forget to walk through a few of them! You will find many different things there: food, snacks, clothing... Of course you find some fine Chinese restaurants too in Yaowarat Road. Maybe this is your chance to eat fried duck, which I always find one of the best Chinese dishes!

Market in Banglampoo

Clothing in Banglampoo market (1) Clothing in Banglampoo market (2)

The market in Banglampoo is nothing special if you consider the goods available there, but I like this part of Bangkok very much, so I want to include its market here. It is not specialized, although the main things for sale there are clothing and sweets. The market is in Phra Sumen Road, where you will also find the Buddhist Book Shop, mentioned elsewhere on this site, opposite the very worthwhile Wat Bowonniwet (because of its nice and quiet Temple garden). The market is also in Tanao Street, Chakrabondse Street and the street connecting these two streets.

Fruit in Banglampoo market Flowers and Sweets in Banglampoo market

On every street market in Thailand, and therefore also on the one in Banglampoo, you will always find fruit stalls.
And if you forgot to buy your chain of "love flowers" on Pak Klong Talat (or you did not go there yet), you have another chance to buy one here. There are several flower stalls on Phra Sumen Road that sell these nice souvenirs.
By the way: On Phra Sumen Street there also is a nice Chinese Restaurant, where they have good "Dim Sum" for lunch! New World Department Store, that used to be a central point in Banglampoo sadly closed in 1998. There are still some clothing stalls in the ground floor of the building, but that is all.

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