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An alternative trip to the River Kwai


Although the State Railway trip to the River Kwai is highly recommendable, it is only available in weekends. And maybe it is not convenient for some of you to rise as early as is necessary to make the State Railway trip.

I believe to offer an attractive alternative on this page.

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This trip was made by us by renting a taxi for the largest part of the day. This is a convenient way to make trips in Thailand. There may also be organized trips that are similar.

Nakhon Pathom Kanchanaburi cemetary

Like every other trip to the River Kwai, this trip also started in Nakhon Pathom, where one should visit the largest Buddist chedi in Asia (left hand side picture).

Another 'compulsory' program item on a trip to the River Kwai is a visit to the War Cemetary in Kanchanaburi, in order to pay respect to those who gave their lives during the building of the bridge over the River Kwai and the "death railway".(The cemetary can be seen on the right hand side picture).

The bridge over the River Kwai Train crossing the bridge

After these - far from unimportant - 'compulsory' visits, you can go to the Bridge over the River Kwai. See for more information about the bridge (bridges) the other page about the River Kwai.
Anyway, this is what you came for, and you should take a good look, walk on the bridge and, if possible, see a train cross the bridge (right hand side picture).

Restaurants near the bridge Bridge on the River Kwai (2)

There are several floating restaurants near the bridge. The food is good and cheap. You will also see some floating hotels near to the bridge.
The right hand side picture above shows the Bridge over the River Kwai from the other side of the river as the side where you normally arrive.

Sai Yok waterfall Tham Kasae (cave)

After having seen the famous bridge, we wanted to see the "Death Railway". But before that, we made a detour to Sai Yok National Park, where a beautiful waterfall was promised to us. Seldom in our lives were we more disappointed than in Sai Yok National Park, where we had to pay a high entrance fee. The reason for our disappointment was, that the famous waterfall was not visible, due to the high level of the water in the river.
The left hand side picture above shows what was left of the waterfall when we were there! We could hardly believe our eyes!
We were richly compensated, however, during our visit to a nearby cave: Tham Kasae. This breathtaking cave (right hand side picture) as a bonus contained several interesting Buddha Images.

Train on Death Railway Death Railway

Not far from Tham Kasae you get a very good view of the Death Railway, as the two pictures above clearly show. This railway is part of what is left the railway, built by Japanese POW's in World War II. Our trip ended with this impressive view.

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