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"Hidden" attractions of Bangkok

On this page I will show you some attractions that are not very well-known by tourists, because they cannot be reached or seen so easily.

Rama IX Park

Department of Export Promotion Exhibition

Philatelic (Stamp) Museum

Museum of Forensic Medicine (For people with strong minds only!)


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Rama IX Park

I call it "hidden" because it is very far from the area's where tourists normally come: It is on Sukhumvit Road, Soi 103. It has daily about 400 visitors, but most of them are Thai. I think foreign tourists should go there too, at least if they are interested in parks and/or plants. I have been there several times now, and I expect that I will go there again.

Main building in Rama IX Park

This park was designed on the occasion of the 60th birthday of King Bhumibol (King Rama IX) in 1987. The park is quite large. In the center you find a building where a permanent exhibition about the many talents of King Rama IX is located.


In one part of the park you will find some gardens in, what is thought to be, European style

Spanish Garden Italian Garden

On the two pictures above two of these gardens are shown: On the left hand side you see the "Spanish Garden" and on the right hand side you see the "Italian Garden".


Water party Greenhouse

The park has many exotic and romantic areas. On the left hand side above you see a water party with a romantic bridge. On the right hand side you see an overview of one of the greenhouses: the bromelia greenhouse.

Flower Overview

Don't forget to look around you well in all parts of the park, otherwise you may miss flowering trees (see the left hand side picture above) and many fine areas with - for instance - shrubs (see the right hand side picture above).

A worker in Rama IX Park

And while you are there, pay some attention to the many garden workers you will see in Rama IX Park. There are 400 workers full-time or part-time working there! And I can assure you that it shows that the garden is kept beautifully.

If you have become as impressed by this park as I have been, you really should take one day, or at least half a day, to visit this remote, but beautiful park.


Department of Export Promotion Exhibition

The "Department of Export Promotion" organizes several times a year an exhibition of good quality Thai products, meant for export. These exhibitions of Thai products are mostly held in IMPACT Center, Muang Thong Thani, just outside Bangkok.

You can -of course- also buy these products, and because these exhibitions are in the first place meant for Thai people, the prices are more than reasonable. On the other hand you can be sure that you buy good quality, because the sellers there will lose their license if they sell inferior products.

Exhibition of the Department of Export Promotion

So what kind of products can you expect there? From my memory I mention - in random order - leather products of all kinds, like shoes, bags, belts etc., silk flowers and other silk products, Thai canned and otherwise packed foodstuffs, "Benjarong" porcelain ("five colored" porcelain), clothing, jewelry (although I would be a bit careful with buying jewellery in Thailand, although I believe this is a safe place, because of the danger for the traders to loose their license).

Check out the website of the Department of Export Promotion to see if there is an exhibition during your stay in Bangkok!


Philatelic (Stamp) Museum

Building of the Philatelic Museum

No photography is allowed inside, so I can only show you a picture of the building. It is the building on the left hand side of the red mailbox (which is an antique mailbox, by the way). This museum, where they do have every Thai postage stamp, from the very first one up to the latest one, is certainly worthwhile for all stamp collectors, and for all of you who like small works of art, because the Thai postage stamps really are small works of art!
The museum is located in the Saphan Kwai (Buffalo Bridge) district, on Pathon Yothin Road. There is a small Post Office between Soi 3 and Soi 5. Get out of your taxi, bus or skytrain there. While facing the Post Office, on the right hand side of it there is a small path to the museum. If I remember it well, you will find a sign at the beginning of that path). If you can't find it, ask for the Museum inside the Post Office.

The Museum of Forensic Medicine

I call this a "hidden" attraction, because it is not widely known by tourists. It is located on the grounds of Siriraj Hospital and can be reached easily by -for instance-  the Express Boat. Get out at the Siriraj Hospital Pier and ask one of the nurses, or other personnel walking on the grounds, for the Museum, or -better still- for See-Uey, because that is the main attraction of the museum.

Siamese twins See-Uey

Among other things you can look at rarities like Siamese twins that did not survive (left hand side picture). The main attraction, however, is the executed body of the notorious Chinese child murderer See-Uey (right hand side picture) who not only killed his victims, but ate their bodies, or at least their intestines (liver, kidney etc.).

(Please note that this museum also shows you that punishments for criminal offences are severe in Thailand and that therefore it is best not to come into contact with Criminal Justice during your stay in Thailand!)

Face of See-Uey

Now, before leaving this page, look the late See-Uey into what is left over of his eyes....

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