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Old family picture
An old family picture

I am still in the process of gathering genealogical information and this process is far from finished yet!
Nevertheless all the genealogical data I have collected so far is available here on my site and you can access all this information, sorted by family name.

4 generations Hasekamp

Four male generations (the oldest generation on picture)


Here is my genealogy menu:

All the names in my Family Tree

Go to the alphabetical list of all the names on which I have information. Choose from the list and see the respective families. (A new window will open).

Part of my Family Tree

See some information about my direct ancestors and a few of my genealogical questions.

Lengerich (Germany), where the roots of my Family are

In Lengerich (Germany) the roots of my ancestors are. On this page I show you what I know about them and about this village.

History of the Company W.Hasekamp & Co (A Sony MavicaŽ page)

My grandfather founded this Company and my father continued it. Read about its history and its production process (2 pages). This is not really genealogy, but family history. After I had some questions about it, I decided to publish these pages.

Hasekamp Net Genealogy Webring
We have started our own Genealogy Webring. Click the link for more details and how to join.

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