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Thai fruit

The Thais love sweet food. So the fruit that is popular in Thailand is - as a rule - also very sweet. This page shows some species of popular Thai fruit. Most of them are not only typical for Thailand, but for more tropical countries.
Remember: mangoes are cheap, but apples are (very) expensive in Thailand!


Durian Lamyai

Of course we have to start with "The King of Fruit">, the durian (left hand side picture). You either love it or you hate it. There seems to be no in-between. I love it, by the way. One of my sisters-in-law hates it, but she buys it when I come. It has a very strong smell and it is therefore forbidden to take it (without its hard scale) into rooms or verhicles with air conditioning, including airplanes.
Next to it you see a bunch of lamyai, also called in English longan. It looks a bit like the lychee, one of the best known Chinese fruits. However, the lychee has a red color.

Watermelon Mangosteen

The watermelon is in fact very well known all over the world. Nevertheless it also belongs on this page, because of its popularity in Thailand.
The mangosteen however (right hand side picture), is only known in tropical countries and is delicious. It has large stones, so be careful when eating it.

Rose apple Mango (1)

The rose-apple (left hand side picture) exists in several sorts, sweet and less sweet. The mango (right hand side picture) is mostly sweet and very common.

Oranges Kaew mankorn

Oranges (left hand side picture) do exist in several colors in Thailand. The green one above is- contrary to what you might expect - sweet to very sweet.
The right hand side picture shows the kaew mankorn, originally from Viet Nam, but now more and more popular in Thailand now. The English name for it is dragon fruit.

Mango (2) Sapata

Above this text you see another type of mango (left hand side picture) and the sapata (right hand side picture), a not very common fruit in Thailand, that tastes a bit like a pear.


Here you see, as the last fruit for the moment, the custard-apple, also called sugar-apple (the name tells it all!)



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