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Some Menu Suggestions (Part 2)
Part 1

What to eat in Thailand? This page gives some suggestions. It is far from complete, and will be updated now and then. I do not mention the places where the dishes were photographed, because I believe that there are many, many other restaurants that are as good or maybe even better. If you really want to know where these pictures were made, email me!
For the pages that show you in what kind of places you can eat out in Thailand click here.

Chinese Food (continued)

Peking Duck dish 1 Peking duck dish 2
Peking Duck dish 3

But the ultimate duck is of course Peking Duck. (Read my experience with it elsewhere on this site and read about a restaurant that tried to sell chicken for duck in another experience as well.
Peking duck is served in three dishes: first you get the skin, with a kind of pancakes and vegetable, then follows the duck soup and finally you get the duck meat with rice. All three dishes are shown above. Of course slight differences in the way of serving do exist, but what you see above is what they make of it in one of the better Chinese restaurants in Thailand. You should be with two (or maybe three) to be able to eat Peking Duck. If you are alone, order the fried duck, shown a bit higher on this page, instead.

Dim Sum 1 Dim Sum 2

The best Chinese lunch is without doubt is "Dim Sum". On the two picture above you see two examples how such a lunch might look like. In fact the choice of dishes is quite similar, but the second picture shows more detail. You can get "Dim Sum" in every good Chinese restaurant, but only at lunch time. Often they ride with cars along the tables and you can take your pick. Sometimes you have to ask for it. In Thai restaurants you also can often get "Dim Sum" at lunch time. Have Chinese Tea with it!

Vegetarian Food

Vegetarian food is widely available in Thailand. The widest choice, however, is available at the Vegetarian Festival in Phuket Town.

Vegetarian dishes (1) Vegetarian dishes (2)

Here are some examples of the many vegetarian dishes, available in Phuket Town during the Vegetarian Festival in Phuket Town. These pictures also are part of the page on this site about the Vegetarian Festival in Phuket Town. At that time the choice of vegetarian food is enormous, including dishes like "vegetarian duck" (not shown here), a dish that looks like roasted duck, but in reality is made of vegetarian ingredients!

Japanese Food


For the sake of completeness I want to show you a typical Japanese dish, called sushi.
Japanese food is not very popular in Thailand, but you see enough Japanese restaurants to give it a try. Order a dish with some raw types of fish and you will get what you see here.

Your drink

Singha Beer

Finally: You should drink something with your meal of course. With Chinese or Japanese food I recommend tea (which often is included in the menu). With Thai food beer is an excellent drink.
I believe strongly in supporting the Thai economy while staying in Thailand by buying Thai products. So, if you drink beer with your meal, please drink Thai beer! You do not help the Thai economy by drinking foreign beers like Heineken, Kloster, Carlsberg or what else do you have there, however good these beers may be (although I do believe they are not as good as Thai beer). I prefer Singha Beer (Pronounce "Beer Singh"). Other Thai beers are Leo Beer and Chang Beer. There are large and small bottles. Choose the one that suits you best!


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