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Some Menu Suggestions (Part 1)

What to eat in Thailand? This page gives some suggestions. It is far from complete, and will be updated now and then. I do not mention the places where the dishes were photographed, because I believe that there are many, many other restaurants that are as good or maybe even better. If you really want to know where these pictures were made, email me!
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Thai Food

Basket of seefood (1)Basket of seafood (2)

My favorite food in Thailand is definitely seafood. If you do not like seafood, you miss a lot while in Thailand. Seafood is available everywhere in abundance. An ideal way to eat seafood is ordering a basket of grilled seafood. On the pictures above you see two examples of such "baskets", but the content is much the same. In the basket on the left hand side, however, the lobster on top covers most of the rest. As an example to show you what to expect, the right hand side picture is better. You can order rice or noodles with it, but we normally don't do so. The seafood normally is enough for us.
Maybe your waiter or waitress will not understand you when you order this in English, so here is how you should order it in Thai (pronunciation -with those tricky tones- approved by my Thai wife):
Grilled Seafoodgrilled seafood

Fried fish (1) Fried fish (2)

Not only seafood in the form of oysters, crab, shrimps etc. are good and popular in Thailand, also fish is a very popular dish. In my country there hardly is any freshwater-fish and almost all fish is sea-fish. In Thailand the situation is the reverse: Almost all the fish you can eat there is freshwater-fish. On the pictures above are two delicious examples of Thai fried fish. The fish on the left hand side picture should be eaten with the sauce on the left hand side of it. The right hand side picture shows a fried fish with tahoe. Whatever fish you order, it always is good. Be aware, however, that some fishes can be quire spicy! If in doubt, ask.

Tod Man Plaa Chicken with cashew nuts

On the picture above you can see two smaller dishes, sometimes used as an appetizer. On the left are the famous fish cakes (tod man plaa). You should not miss them. Sometimes they have shrimp cakes (tod man kung) instead. They are milder and delicious too. This really is a typical Thai dish! And on the right is chicken with cashew nuts, also a favorite from the Thai cuisine!

American Fried Rice

If you want to eat a bit Oriental, but also a bit Western style, try American fried rice (Khao pad American), as shown above. I can not image why anybody would not like it. You can also order other varieties of fried rice, but this one is suppose to appeal to tourists.

Chinese Food

Fried Duck

Chinese food is also (very) popular in Thailand, and I believe it cannot be missed on this page. The dish above, "crispy" fried duck is Chinese of origin, but Thai restaurants sometimes also have it. It is one of my favorite meals in Thailand and best served in Chinese restaurants.

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