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I have started to make available the e-book with my "experiences" for download some time ago. Quite some people did download this book.
Later I wanted to install a screen saver with Thai pictures on my computer. It appeared that such a screen saver did not exist, or at least was very hard to find. So I made one myself and made it available for download by my visitors. That is how this page started. It will be extended gradually. So check back now and then to see if there are new downloads here.



My Thailand experiences
Download them as an illustrated Microsoft® Reader® e-Book!

Or, now that Microsoft® no longer supports the .lit format, I have transferred the book to the open ePub format. Download this version here.

As an extra service I offer you the original Gutenberg Project text of "The English Governess At The Siamese Court" by Anna Leonowens. The zipped file is called and - after unzipping - can be read with for instance the excellent program yBook.

Screen savers

A slide show of eight pictures of ancient Ayutthaya.

A slide show of eight pictures of ancient Sukhothai.

A slideshow of gibbons, as photographed in Korat (Nakon Rachasima) Zoo



This was not createcd by me, but I believe it is very nice:

New email. announced by a Thai voice

Use if if you are tired of thse standard Windows™ sounds! (Right click; "save as")

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