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Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions and Answers about Thailand.

  1. About this website

    1. What kind of visitors do you address in the first place?
    2. What is your attitude towards Thailand?
    3. Can you give me some information about the nightlife in Thailand?
    4. Why does this site look so "old-fashioned"?
    5. You show nice handicraft products on your site. Can I buy them from you?
    6. Why do you have advertisements on this site? You say it is non-commercial!
    7. I like this site, how can I help you to promote it?

  2. Weather and Climate in Thailand

    1. What seasons does Thailand have?
    2. I have heard that there can be flooding, even in Bangkok, in July - August. Is that true?
    3. How serious is tropical rainfall?

  3. Places to visit

    1. I have never visited Thailand before. What places do you recommend?
    2. I want to visit the remains of Old Siam. Where should I go?
    3. I want to visit the "Golden Triangle". Is that dangerous?
    4. I love beaches. Where can I find the most beautiful ones?

  4. Getting along in Bangkok

    1. How do I get from Bangkok Airport to my hotel?
    2. Do you have any specific advice for sights in Bangkok?
    3. Bangkok gives me a headache. Where should I go for rest?
    4. We have small children. Are there any specific attractions for children in Bangkok?
    5. In what hotel should I stay in Bangkok?
    6. Where and how should I book my hotel?
    7. How can I best get around in Bangkok?

  5. Shopping tips for Thailand (in the first place for Bangkok)

    1. Where can I buy Thai silk in Bangkok?
    2. Where should I buy my computer products in Bangkok?
    3. Can I buy DVDs of Thai movies in Thailand?
    4. What souvenirs should I buy?
    5. In what shop(s) should I buy my souvenirs?
    6. Where can I find English language books in Thailand?
    7. Somebody invited me to a large jewelry store. Should I go there?
    8. I have bought jewelry, but it proves to be fake or too expensive. What now?
    9. I want to buy a golden necklace or bracelet. Can I trust the Chinese gold shops?
    10. Where can I have a (men's) suit made?
    11. Can you name a good shopping area?
    12. What articles should I buy upcountry?

  6. Thailand Health questions

    1. Do I need malaria prophylaxis when I go to Thailand?
    2. Can I catch the bird flu (N1H1) in Thailand?
    3. My hotel has a massage parlor. Should I go here?
    4. Can I drink the tap water in Thailand?
    5. What should I do when I get sick in Thailand?
    6. What should I do if I get diarrhea in Thailand?
    7. Are there specific Thai medicines?

  7. Practical things about Thailand

    1. Should I learn Thai before I go to Thailand?
    2. What kind of wall socket is used for electrical equipment?
    3. Can I use an ATM machine to get money in Thailand?
    4. Can I eat fast food in Thailand?
    5. Should I rent a car in Thailand?
    6. My friend rented a motorbike on Phuket island. What is your advice about that?
    7. Where can I find a travel agency in Thailand?
    8. How should I travel within Thailand?
    9. What is a good guidebook for Thailand?

  8. GSM, telephones and smartphones in Thailand

    1. Can I use my mobile phone in Thailand?
    2. Are there WiFi access points in public places where I can connect to?
    3. My phone has a SIM-lock. Can I buy a second mobile phone in Thailand?
    4. I don't want to use my mobile phone in Thailand. How else can I make my calls?
    5. Where can I make an International call from a landline for a reasonable price?

  9. Internet access in Thailand

    1. Are there WiFi access points in public places where I can connect my smartphone, tablet or laptop to?
    2. HELP! They say they offer Free WiFi, but the access point is protected with a password! How now?
    3. Can I find an Internet Café in Thailand?
    4. Can I take my laptop or tablet with me and access the Internet in my hotel?

  10. The Thai way of life

    1. What present should I bring for my Thai friends or business partners?
    2. What should I wear when I visit a Thai business partner?
    3. I gave my Thai friend a present, but he/she did not open it. Why?
    4. I made an appointment with my Thai friend / business partner. Why did he want to meet me in a hotel lobby?
    5. I will meet a business relation. Should I give him a hand or make a "wai"?
    6. I am invited to a Thai home. What should I observe?

  11. Relationships with Thai women

    1. Is it easy to find a wife in Thailand?
    2. What do I need to know before I marry a Thai woman?
    3. My girlfriend is a bar girl. Should I marry her?
    4. The parents of my girlfriend want me to pay a dowry! How about that?
    5. I am married to a Thai wife, but she does not like to go out. Why?
    6. So, should I marry a Thai woman at all?

  12. Thailand Festivals. Can you tell me something about:

    1. Loy Krathong Festival?
    2. Songkran Festival?
    3. Asanha Puja Day (Start of the Buddhist Lent)?
    4. The Royal Ploughing Ceremony?
    5. Chakri Day?
    6. Visakha Puja Day?
    7. Constitution Day?
    8. Kathin Ceremony?
    9. Magha Puja Day?
    10. The Vegetarian Festival?
    11. Father's Day and Mother's Day?

  13. Various Thailand questions, asked already, or soon to be asked.

    1. Can you give me the email address of His Majesty the King?
    2. Where did you buy the elephant chairs and table, pictured on your handicraft page?
    3. Is it safe to visit Thailand while there is a military regime?

Any unanswered questions? Email me!.

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