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119 Alejandra |
Sadly, this website is a conglomeration of the falsities and fantasies Leonowens made up to sell her books. One glaring fault is the picture you show of the 'gift' for the king. It is actually a photo of the topknot-cutting ceremony of Prince Chulalongkorn, marking the end of his young childhood. Not only that, the picture wasn't Leonowens' to begin with. It first appeared in a travel book about several Asian countries, published before "Governess" and giving the correct attribution. Visit thaistudents dot com for the real facts and, please, stop spreading these untrue fantasies of a repressed Victorian to yet another generation.
Monday 26 - 11 - 2007 - GMT 01:16 :44

Webmaster comments   Thanks for your comments. I have used the book by Anna Leonowens in the form it is being sold nowadays, and assume that the informations is correct, at least from the point of view of Anna Leonowens. I know the site you are referring to and I know that they have a different opinion. As said, I used the book as published.

118 Leigh Wiethoff |
Thank you for the photos. I have been told by my grandparents that our family also came from this area. They emigrated to New Ulm, MN eventually in the 1890s.
Wednesday 14 - 11 - 2007 - GMT 21:03 :11 - Albuquerque, New Mexico, USA

117 nazaretha |
this is an informative website.I am bound for thailand soon,I have to check first the famous sites and whats in that site.this is the right place to get the answers.thank.sawadeeka
Wednesday 12 - 09 - 2007 - GMT 07:47 :25 - philippines

116 Georgia Robinson
Hello. This is a great website. I am in Grade 5 and I am doing a thailand project so this is very helpful! Thank you for all this information
Friday 10 - 08 - 2007 - GMT 09:40 :45 - Australia

Webmaster comments   (Sorry for the late addition, due to my vacation)

115 Lorna martin |
I love Gibbons very much so when i came to thailand i was delighted to see about 5 gibbons on the floating village,however after having my picture taken with one i soon started to feel sad and worried for the gibbon they did look very clean and well loved but its so sad they are not out in the wild where they belong
Wednesday 30 - 05 - 2007 - GMT 11:05 :04 - England

114 annie |
dear webmaster, I like your webpage at hasekemp. one particular one i am interested in is the trip to river kwai. u see, i (& party of 7) shall arrive in bkk on a saturday in august and leaving on wednesday (5 days only). but i notice that the trip to river kwai usually schedule for saturdays & sundays. i wonder if i can book in advance for the tickets - with whom to book and how payment be made. also, please advise me where i can find a van with driver. I heard from a few sources that i can charter it for less than 2000 baht per day. is it true? one last enquiry, we are interested to go to ayuttaya, by bus and come back by boat. do you have the contact no. of the company offering this tour. best regards
Thursday 10 - 05 - 2007 - GMT 03:05 :36 - penang, malaysia

Webmaster comments   You can't book the State Railway trips otherwise than at Hua Lampong Railway Station (end of the hall, at the right). You can also charter a van or taxi for a day. Just stop a taxi and ask him how much he charges for a day trip tp River Kwai (or whatever). If he is too expensive, or if he doesn't want to be hired all day, stop another one. For a van contact your hotel desk. It may be more expensive.

113 Breanne Sciaroni |
great pics of See-Uey! i hope i can get back to bangkok in the future to go see him myself.
Monday 23 - 04 - 2007 - GMT 07:32 :53 - California, USA

112 julie lansdowne |
What a fab holiday, cannot wait for my next visit. wonderful people, great food, just fab.
Sunday 8 - 04 - 2007 - GMT 00:48 :05

111 Tim Haitsma |
Looking for the original maker of Hulstkamp Jonge Jenever and came to this interesting site Great to see how we the Dutch made the best Jenever in the world
Friday 6 - 04 - 2007 - GMT 20:55 :28 - Canada

110 Lidia |
Heel even op de site geweest, kom zeker nog eens terug. Ik was aan het neuzen naar het Gibbon Project toen ik een vriendin aanraadde om daar langs te gaan. In 1998 was ik 3 maanden vrijwilliger bij het project en sindsdien Thailand-addict! Leuk dat jullie zo'n uitgebreide informatie over het project geven.
Friday 9 - 03 - 2007 - GMT 17:38 :52 - Netherlands

109 Ryan Lott
Thailand, where nam jai is everything. The greatest place in the world.
Monday 29 - 01 - 2007 - GMT 23:59 :47

108 Mai
Thank you for such a wonderful simple but excellent information. I think u did great job at sharing ur experiences in thailand.
Sunday 17 - 12 - 2006 - GMT 07:58 :03 - N.Z

107 Barbara
Loved your Bangkok temple pages. I used it to identify the temples I saw from the river. Next trip I'll have to go and visit more of them. Thanks.
Saturday 25 - 11 - 2006 - GMT 14:57 :32 - Raleigh, NC USA

106 Ethan |
Thank you for the information on site. Wish I had read it before we headed out for the museum :-). I did go and see See-Uey but initially ended up in the morgue instead staring at an uncovered body. The museum is next door to the morgue which is in the Department of Forensics Medicine building. You need to enter at the northern gate entrance, head south and go towards the Forensics building but turn L at a lane way just before the forensics department building. The museum is in the building next door to the morgue. The Thais are so open and calm about death. To them, it is just another cycle of life until you are reborn. No one stopped us when we ventured towards the morgue. No one even stopped us as we walked towards the body. I thought it was rather odd that they had a body displayed at the entrance of a museum. Now I know why :-) . lets hope no one else makes the same mistake esp if you are squeamish about death. I am fortunate that I am a medical student so the sight of a dead body did not faze me.
Wednesday 15 - 11 - 2006 - GMT 06:27 :14 - Brisbane, Australia

105 Jeromy Hasenkamp |
Amazing photos of the farm.is cool to see your name on a bus stop
Thursday 2 - 11 - 2006 - GMT 07:04 :11 - St.Helens, Oregon,USA

Webmaster comments   Are you by any chance related to me?

104 Carli |
Hey! Great site! I needed information about doi suthep for a schoolpresentation and I found a lot of things on your site. Great work. And when you have extra information for me, please mail me. Thanxs. Carli
Thursday 28 - 09 - 2006 - GMT 22:03 :33 - Holland

103 Kenzo |
Hi, I chance upon your website and I'm most impressed with its contents. As a foreigner visiting Thailand, Bangkok this weekends, the information inside certainly would help me move around Bangkok.I intend to visit some of these places and i will certainly recommend your site to others. Good Work. Cheers
Wednesday 6 - 09 - 2006 - GMT 04:20 :41 - Singapore

102 Helen Goy |
Had a fantatic time at the markets. I bought 31 pairs of shoes and are wanting more !!. The people are friendly and helpful.
Thursday 31 - 08 - 2006 - GMT 04:06 :24 - Christchurch, New Zealand

101 sheng
i was really amazed with King Bhimibol Adulayadej.im not a Thailander but i pay him respect with all his contributions to the people of his country and i salute him for that.long live the king!!!
Monday 3 - 07 - 2006 - GMT 04:52 :06

100 Tannie |
This site is wonderful, at first i thought you were thai but your not. its really nice about what you said about our king.thank you so much =)
Saturday 1 - 07 - 2006 - GMT 15:42 :06 - Bkk.

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